Large Capacity Water Heaters

Large Capacity Water Heaters

Below are three large capacity electric water heaters available to local consumers. They both meet the Department of Energy’s most recent requirements for large capacity water heaters. Incentives are available for installing water heaters on off-peak.

Please call our energy management department at 800.248.3292 for current incentives.

Marathon Heavy Duty

Available sizes: 75, 85, and 105 gallons

Warranty: Tank must be registered online to ensure lifetime warranty. 6-year parts warranty and lifetime tank warranty when owned by original purchaser with proof of purchase. 15-year tank warranty if no proof of purchase or not original owner.

Tank material: Seamless, blow molded polybutene; multiple layers of filament wound fiberglass; polyurethane insulation.

Availability: Members can purchase the Marathon heavy-duty commercial water heater and parts through local plumbers and online through Menards and Home Depot.

Model numberCapacityHeight (in)Diameter (in)Ship Wt. (lbs)


Capacity: 75 gal.

Height: 62.625"

Diameter: 28.25"

Ship Wt.: 122 lbs


Capacity: 85 gal.

Height: 70.25"

Diameter: 28.25"

Ship Wt.: 134 lbs


Capacity: 105 gal.

Height: 70.75"

Diameter: 30.25"

Ship Wt.: 152 lbs

Marathon heavy duty water heater

Westinghouse HTP Light Commercial - EVCO series

Available sizes: 89, 92, and 110 gallons

Availability: Distributed by WinSupply and through licensed plumbing contractors.

Westinghouse light commercial water heater

Vaughn V-Grid

Available sizes: 80, 100, and 119 gallons

Warranty: 15 year tank warranty. Lifetime warranty optional.

Tank material: Hydrostone cement lining with protected steel surface. 3" polyurethane foam insulation.

Availability: Members can purchase the Vaughn V-Grid through Auer Steel.

Model numberCapacityHeight (in)Diameter (in)Ship Wt. (lbs)


Capacity: 80 gal.

Height: 59"

Diameter: 28"

Ship Wt.: 311 lbs


Capacity: 100 gal.

Height: 69.5"

Diameter: 28"

Ship Wt.: 375 lbs


Capacity: 119 gal.

Height: 69.75"

Diameter: 30"

Ship Wt.: 398 lbs

Vaughn V-Grid water heater