Farm Safety – Look Up And Live!

Planting season is just around the corner, and as the season rolls along, we remind you to keep electrical safety in mind around the farm and in the field throughout the year.

  • Be aware of the heights of overhead power lines and the height of your machinery. There should be a 10-foot clearance between your equipment and any power line. Use a spotter to help you avoid contact with lines, poles, and guy wires. If you acquire new machinery, always make sure it will still fit beneath any lines you work near.
  • Never attempt to temporarily raise power lines on your own. If you have an issue with power line height, contact CCEC.
  • grain bin power line distance chartMost routine farm operations do not require calling for underground utility locates. But procedures such as building waterways, setting posts, burying rock piles, or any excavations of 18 inches or more do require locates. Call 8-1-1 or visit at least 48 hours ahead of the planned work.
  • When conducting controlled burns, keep the burn well away from power poles. Flame can spread to a pole and burn it from the inside out, leaving little trace of extreme damage.
  • If you damage or witness damage to poles or other electrical equipment, please do the right thing and inform us so we can get it fixed. It could prevent future power outages and life-threatening accidents.
  • National Electrical Safety Code requires an 18-foot minimum vertical clearance from the highest point of the filling port of grain bins to nearby high-voltage wires and a 55-foot minimum distance from the power line to grain bin walls.
  • If you are in a vehicle and come into contact with a power line, stop and think! If you are able to drive away without damaging the line or poles, travel at least 40 feet away before exiting the vehicle.
    • If you are unable to drive away, remain in the vehicle! Call for help and warn others to stay away.
    • If you must exit because of fire or other safety reasons, jump clear of the vehicle. Do not let any part of your body or clothing contact the vehicle and the ground simultaneously. Land with your feet together and shuffle away in small steps to minimize the path of electrical current. Keep going until you are at least 40 feet away. Do not re-enter the area until emergency responders and the utility determine it is safe.