Operation Round Up

Operation Round Up

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Since organizing our Operation Round Up program in 1993, Cass County Electric Cooperative members and employees have raised over $2.5 million. These funds have gone back into the community to help individuals and nonprofit organizations in need. Participation is simple: your monthly electric bill is rounded up to the nearest dollar, an estimated average of $.50 each month (just $6.00 per year) — a small amount to help worthy causes in our region. These funds are used primarily within CCEC's service area for charitable, educational, environmental, and emergency assistance purposes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the funds be used within our service area only?
The funds are used for projects in the areas and communities served by CCEC. Certain projects could conceivably benefit both members and non-members of CCEC.

How do people or organizations request a donation?
Before applying, please read the grant guidelines and eligibility requirements for receiving funds through Operation Round Up.

  • Nonprofit organizations may download applications for grant funding. Completed applications may be emailed to srhea@kwh.com.
  • Individual and emergency funding applications may be requested by calling Jess Mack at 701.356.4401, or e-mailing at jmack@kwh.com.
  • ORU board meetings are held the third Thursdays in March, June, September, and December. Applications must be returned the 15th of the month prior to the next meeting for consideration.
  • Completed applications will be reviewed by the volunteer Operation Round Up board and funding decisions will be made based on the applications.

How do I enroll or withdraw from Operation Round Up?
Contact Jess (jmack@kwh.com or 701.356.4401) or Sarah (srhea@kwh.com or 701.356.4437).

Operation Round Up is a great benefit to our service area because it's based on the most vital cooperative principle: People doing together what can't be done individually.